Monday, 21 December 2015

Potato Print Stamping

Potato Print Stamping:


What you'll need:
- Linen
- White fabric paint - Brushes ( thin and thick) - Potatoes - A small sharp knife to cut out the pattern - Chalk for blackboards

How to do it:
1. Start by drawing the pattern on the linen with chalk. Chalk is good to use for it can easily be rubbed off later.

2. Split the potatoes in two and cut out the leaf pattern. You can choose to vary the size of the leaves.

3. You can now start stamping. Feel free to put something beneath the linen in case the paint bleeds through. Dip your potato or with the thick brush paint the potato with the white paint and softly press it onto the fabric.

4. Use the thin brush to paint the branches.

You are very likely to put paint everywhere so make sure you are well covered and put a plastic cover over the table to avoid any paint marks.

IMG_6835 IMG_6896

IMG_6927 IMG_7004

IMG_7018 IMG_7040

IMG_7048 IMG_7103

That is all!

Taken from the gorgeous website:


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